The Carmel Foundation

The Carmel Foundation is hosting its sixth annual gala on Saturday, April 25, 2015, celebrating 65 years of providing services for seniors in our community. Their financial goal for the event is to raise over $121,000 to help facilitate the programming and services we offer seniors on the Monterey Peninsula. The event will welcome 200 guests and includes a silent auction and wine reception, dinner and a live auction, along with music and dancing.
The Carmel Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides an engaging, friendly atmosphere for people 55 and older; a place where members can access an abundance of programming and classes, receive support for life challenges as well as successful aging, and enjoy a warm environment for making friends. They serve over 3,200 seniors on the Monterey Peninsula who pay an annual minimum of $45 for membership. All of the programs offered, including our lunch program, homebound meal program, support groups, and low-income senior housing run a deficit and can only continue with additional financial support from individuals and our community. As they do not receive government funding, support is critical to meeting the needs of our senior population.

For Tickets or information call: 831-620-8702

Laurie and Lisa Designs is donating a Shell Pearl Necklace with 12 mm to 18 mm Pearls in Multi Colors valued at $750 to their Silent Auction.

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Laurie Wetterschneider grew up in New York City in the 60’s and early 70’s. One of her favorite pastimes was window shopping along Madison Avenue where she lived, gazing at the gorgeous jewelry in the stores. During her high school years, she had an after-school job working in one of the Madison Avenue boutiques, her entree into the world of fashion and fashion accessorizing. In the early 70’s, Laurie moved to Tucson, Arizona to attend college, graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. There followed an almost 20 year career owning and running radio stations and spear-heading fund-raising campaigns for a host of charitable causes. When she first moved to Arizona, Laurie was fascinated by the silver and turquoise and coral jewelry being produced by the different Native American communities, and became a collector. She was also thrilled to discover that she was living in this country’s gemstone capital and reveled in learning as much as she could about stones and precious metals. In 2003 Laurie and her sister, Lisa Peterson launched Laurie and Lisa Designs. Laurie has parlayed her love of jewelry into an art form where she can design and make stunning pieces that are also wearable and affordable. Each piece is hand made by the artist herself. The sisters are also proud of their support of a host of non-profits in the communities in which they live, as well as their support throughout the country whenever they are contacted by one of their customers who is themselves involved with a charitable cause. Lisa Peterson always loved beautiful jewelry but she didn't always have a lot of time to spend accessorizing herself. During the long days, late nights and frequent week-ends of work as a corporate attorney in New York City from 1986-1994, Lisa Peterson did what was easy: she wore pearls a lot. Then after she became a mother, she found it easier to wear as little jewelry as possible. Earrings became an attractive nuisance--something for tiny fists to yank on--and bracelets and necklaces were mostly magnets for her new baby to use as teething utensils. After Lisa's second son was born, looking for more flexibility, she made the switch to a not-for-profit organization, becoming in-house counsel to a private adoption agency. During this phase of her career, she became a bit more adventuresome in her taste in jewelry and began to long to indulge her playful, artistic side. She also hoped for more time with her family than even her not-for-profit job was permitting. In 2001, she had a sudden realization: she was going to get only one shot at enjoying the magical, growing years of her two young boys. She had to figure out a way to be a full-time mother and fulfill herself creatively at the same time. The answer was a while in coming but when it did, it seemed so obvious: turn a fun hobby into a business. Her oldest son graduated College and is now in Graduate School and her youngest son is a Junior in College and Lisa is once again practicing Law and designing jewelry!